Shared CFO services

Our Shared CFO services offering is comprehensive and includes consulting on Profit Improvement, Cash Flow management, Insightful and timely Reporting and Analysis, Risk Assessment and solidifying Governance Standards, Strategic Funding, Long Term Business planning for Growth / Exit/ M&A among others.

Our Shared CFO services is ideal for;

  • Enterprises wanting to strengthen Finance function so can accelerate growth, get funding at competitive rates, improve corporate governance, be ready for M&A, etc…
  • Start-ups with well-established unit economics
  • Organizations setting-up or having a growing presence in India
  • Private Equity (PE) groups, Venture Capital (VC) groups, Family Offices who manage multiple companies

Key offerings under Shared CFO Services include;

  1. Profit Improvement

    1. Have Key Performance Indicators (KPI) defined and tracked
    2. Benchmark P&L (external and internal) for business performance improvements
    3. Develop business case concept for major initiatives
    4. Review operational contracts for risks and opportunities
  2. Cash flow management

    1. Cash flow from operations deep dive
    2. Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM) to reduce liquidity issues
    3. Enforcing Credit risk and operational P&L best practices
  3. Insightful and timely Reporting and Analysis

    1. Set up processes for timely, insightful and detailed management reports and dashboards
    2. Track Income Statement metrics along with KPIs weekly /monthly
    3. Analyze P&L actuals vs Business Plan (understand things working or requiring corrective action)
  4. Risk assessment and solidifying internal systems / controls / processes / strategy

    1. Analyze various risks and improve internal systems / controls / processes / strategy;
      1. Operational risks (business operations and administrative)
      2. Commercial risks (business growth, market placement, diversification)
      3. Financial risks (cash flow, asset/liabilities mismatch)
      4. Compliance risks
      5. Strategic risks (pivoting business strategy)
  5. Strategic funding

    1. Help business be operationally focused on right metrics and get funding at best terms;
      1. Debt - Secured Lending (Long term and Medium Term)
      2. Debt – Secured/Unsecured Lending (Working Capital / Short Term)
      3. Equity – Growth Capital (Private Equity / Venture Capital / Strategic partner)
  6. Long term business planning for growth / exit / M&A

    1. Business plan
      1. Organization and management (implementation accountability)
      2. Market analysis (SWOT)
      3. Products, services, marketing and sales (delegation and KPIs)
      4. Financial projections
      5. Funding timeline (triggers for growth / M&A)
    2. Sale of business (good valuations)
  7. Advisory services on Start-up/SME best practices

    1. Right team (roles and responsibilities)
    2. Get most out of digital marketing (strategy, investment, low CoA)
    3. Help shortlist optimum financing alternatives, pivotingbusiness strategy
    4. Select relevant vendors for technology, operations, marketing, legal
    5. Negotiate with key customers / vendors for best terms
    6. Focus on key strengths and have outsourced partners without losing control / diluting quality

Mr Munim

Mr Munim is part of the Mindspring group and a specialist provider of accounting, taxation and compliance services to international companies operating in India, start-ups and Indian Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) companies. Mr Munim handles all business registrations, setting up subsidiaries of foreign companies, and all accounting/tax/compliances in India including income tax & profession tax filing, GST filing, ROC filing, accounting/book-keeping & MIS reporting and the like which recur every month, quarter or year. To know more please visit at

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