Joint Ventures & Collaborations

Modern business world is operating in an age of collaboration and partnerships. Businesses collaborate for various reasons such as:

  • to access new technologies;
  • to enter new geographies or markets;
  • to share risks of a project;
  • to accelerate a new product or market development;
  • to outsource areas of specific specialization or non-core areas; and so forth

It is important that a company defines the need for a collaboration, essential contours of such a collaboration and evaluation criteria of collaborators clearly, and thereafter match prospects against these definitions, so as to yield optimum results and mitigate risks.

We help clients forge new relationships in terms of joint ventures, collaborations or other forms of partnerships. In particular, our role becomes more critical in cross-border joint ventures and collaborations, where managing cross-cultural intricacies add an additional layer of complexity.

Our role encompasses the following

  • define parameters to identify and evaluate partners/collaborators;
  • create multiple options of collaborators through structured roadshows and help the client shortlist ideal partners/collaborators;
  • assist in laying down a common business plan that is acceptable to both parties;
  • negotiate the terms of the joint venture or collaboration.

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