Business Process Improvement

Change is inevitable and hence an organization must be ready to change according to changes in its external as well as internal environment. Post reviewing organizationsí processes, personnel and structure we offer risk assessment services and develop plan to solidify internal systems / controls / processes / strategy.

Having strong internal controls, financial management and risk management strategies are very important for every business. We help clients to:

  • Develop, maintain and improve Governance Standards.
  • Analyze various risks and improve internal systems / controls / processes / strategy;
    1. Financial risks
    2. Commercial risks (business growth, market placement, diversification)
    3. Operational risks (business operations and administrative) including;
      • develop responsibility and communication matrix structure
      • formulate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and assist with their implementation
    4. Compliance risks
    5. Strategic risks (pivoting business strategy)
    6. Reputation risks
    7. Stakeholder management risks

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