Private Equity / Venture Capital Funding

New and developing enterprises are sometimes faced with the uncertain and difficult process of obtaining capital to build or grow their business. In many situations, accessing private equity is the most viable funding alternative for a growth oriented company. Private equity investments are typically sourced from one or a combination of the following:

  • Private Equity (PE) funds - investment funds comprised of institutions and high net worth individuals. These investors typically have a clear financial objective of earning high returns on their investment. The return is usually earned by way of an exit through options such as an IPO or subsequent equity divestment. In the process, the private equityfunds provide significant capital as well as business support expertise thus facilitating their return objectives.
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) - families who have allocated a portion of their investment portfolio to direct, private investments. Such investors contribute growth capital but may adopt a hands-off approach with an investee company.
  • Venture Capital (VC) funds - investment funds with a substantial risk appetite. Such venture capitalfunds are willing to invest at an early stage and incubate a still-nascent business.

Since private equity funding is expensive, we help companies carefully evaluate whether or not they should pursue this capital alternative. And help arrive at reasoned decisions in choosing in favour of this route.

We help clients with

  • Detailed Company Profiling and Competitive Landscaping 
  • Prepare Investment Memorandum
  • Deal Valuation & Negotiations
  • Evaluate competing interests
  • Gain recommendations on possible sourcing
  • Assemble a successful package to access the needed capital for growth
  • Our established relationships with various types of private equity sources enable prompt access to the right sources for growth capital

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