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We are your partners in anything that you do which will have a long term implication on your business. Whether it is strategic actions to collaborate with other entities or it is strengthening your internal organization, Mindspring facilitates the process of defining such projects and delivering them successfully.

External strategy: Often clients realise that they need to undertake activities involving external inorganic channels to grow and meet long term targets. This is when they look for technology or financial partners, or acquisition targets that add to their geographical or market penetration. They can rely upon Mindspring to help them define plans to achieve the right type of external collaborations and to deliver on such well defined plans.

Internal strategy: While a company forges ahead on its sales plans, it is equally important to pay attention to the engine driving the company: the internal organization. Many companies, especially in the SME sector, are able to record rapid growth, but start fumbling at some stage because they did not work as hard in strengthening the platform on which the business was being built. Mindspring assists companies to develop a strong organization, with appropriate information, communication and reporting channels, so that the management team can concentrate on facing the market efficiently.

We follow a “large palette” strategy under which we offer to our clients a wide array of services that will further their internal or external strategic objectives and actions. You can click on the links on the right to know more about our services.

For matters that require different set of expertise, we recommend you experts in such fields, for instance, advisors for legal, tax and technical matters. When a project involves such multi-disciplinary teams, we are happy to play the role of the nodal agency that is responsible to play the overall “project management” role.


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