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Mindspring is committed to contribute to the welfare and development of the society at large. We believe that an emerging country like India still has to take giant strides in social welfare, and that every individual and corporate citizen has a responsibility towards society in this respect. Mindspring and its people are proud to be associated with two such causes:

Welfare of under-privileged children: We are actively involved in “Gurukul”, the home for under-privileged children run by Navnirman Charitable Trust in Jambhulpada village, Raigad district, Maharashtra. At Gurukul, children from economically weak sections of the society are provided free shelter and food. In order to ensure that the children are not isolated and stay well connected with the society, they are sent to the local village school for school education. This support provided by Gurukul during the developmental age of the children prepares them to face future challenges and reach milestones in their lives.

Care for mentally challenged people: There are so many people in the world, who are unfortunately dependent on others for their daily sustenance. However, in spite of their challenges, they are people with spirit and heart. Our team makes financial contributions to one such organization, Ameya Palak Sanghatna, which is dedicated to providing necessary care, medical aid and accommodation to such people, both young and old.

In addition to our own participation, we are delighted to declare that our clients too have joined us in our little efforts for the good of the community. Thank you, dear clients!


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