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  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Joint Ventures
      The process of Mergers, Acquisitions, Demergers, Transaction-oriented Restructuring, Joint Ventures, etc. can prove difficult, slow and expensive. It is typically time consuming and involves many steps with numerous details to be dealt with. It requires a very clear and organized plan.

      We help facilitate M&A transactions and also make sure that all complications in the various phases of the transaction are efficiently dealt with and the objectives of the M&A projects are achieved.

      Our services commence from deal ideation to identification of suitable M&A targets or partners and negotiations with such prospects. On successful conclusion of negotiations, we provide assistance in the due diligence process as well as all activities right up to deal closure.

      We have significant expertise in advising clients on ‘buy-side’ as well as ‘sell-side’ of transactions. The Mindspring team has an established track record in this sphere both in India and internationally.

  • Private Equity/VC Funding
      New and developing enterprises are sometimes faced with the uncertain and difficult process of obtaining capital to build or grow their business. In many situations, accessing private equity is the most viable funding alternative for a growth oriented company. Private equity investments are typically sourced from one or a combination of the following:

      Private equity funds - investment funds comprised of institutions and high net worth individuals. These investors typically have a clear financial objective of earning high returns on their investment. The return is usually earned by way of an exit through options such as an IPO or subsequent equity divestment. In the process, the funds provide significant capital as well as business support expertise thus facilitating their return objectives.

      High net worth individuals - families who have allocated a portion of their investment portfolio to direct, private investments. Such investors contribute growth capital but may adopt a hands-off approach with an investee company.

      Venture capital funds - investment funds with a substantial risk appetite. Such funds are willing to invest at an early stage and incubate a still-nascent business.

      Since private equity funding is expensive, we help companies carefully evaluate whether or not they should pursue this capital alternative. And help arrive at reasoned decisions in choosing in favour of this route.

      We help clients evaluate competing interests, gain recommendations on possible sourcing, and assemble a successful package to access the needed capital for growth. Our established relationships with various types of private equity sources enable prompt access to the right sources for growth capital.

  • Debt Raising
      Most enterprises depend on debt finance from banks and financial institutions for their long term as well as working capital needs. Especially in the SME sector, companies do not have sufficient knowledge of the debt-raising, such as the eligibility, optimum terms and cost of such debt. Nor do they have the necessary skill-sets to find the best solution with potential lenders.

      We advise clients in debt-raising matters and have been successful in raising debt in many difficult situations. For example, factoring for service companies, or large debt raise for high-potential companies with low initial profitability. We also like to create the right competitive environment to stimulate financial partners to offer the best terms for debt.

  • Debt Restructuring
      There are times when a business organization is faced with the grave problem of mounting corporate debt and an unbalanced capital structure. At these times, the business realises that the task of facing demands of creditors and vendors is increasingly difficult and can thus opt for restructuring its debt portfolio. Debt restructuring is undertaken to turn the business away from the path of bankruptcy, towards the path of profitability.

      We offer debt restructuring solutions which requires in-depth analysis and assessment of the company’s financial situation, skilful negotiations and a well structured plan. We have proven credentials in this space, including the ability to devise innovative restructuring solutions for our clients and the lenders.

  • Due Diligence
      Due diligence is synonymous with an analytical “Investigative Check” on the historical financial health and status of a target company vis-à-vis claims made by the company itself. It helps identifying potential threats to a proposed investment before such investment is actually made. Due diligence specialists provide an investor with a vigilant eye to dig out facts that would be material to his investment decision-making; this way such facts do not spring surprises after the investment is made. Based on detailed analysis and investigation, due diligence is essentially a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either parties involved in a transaction.

      We provide Due Diligence assistance to investors (buy-side) as well as vendors (sell-side) across the transaction cycle. For investors we help review all financial records as well as all facts deemed material to the transaction and interpret them to help the investor arrive at the an appropriate decision on the investment. We also assist investors in post-due diligence negotiations.

      For vendors, the due diligence exercise is often an ‘unknown animal’. Our skills simplify the process by pro-actively preparing the client for this significant phase and identifying problem areas in advance. This assists the client to take remedial measures before the actual due diligence and enables a smooth and fruitful transaction process to all parties concerned.

  • Project Finance
      'Project Financing', the term used to describe the financing of a major new project in capital-intensive industries, is important where the stakeholders are expected to rely on the revenues of the new project for repayment as well as investment returns.

      Besides classical debt financing for projects, we have advised clients on innovative financing options that are a combination of debt and equity as well as quasi-equity/debt instruments.

      We specialize in conducting project feasibility studies to determine how feasible and financially viable the proposed project is. It involves the scrutiny of financial and other aspects of the project. It also considers the time-frame for completion of the various phases of the project development. We help prepare a structured process to develop the financial plan, assess the risks, work out the financing mix, analyse regulatory provisions and raise project finance.

  • Valuation Analysis
      A business valuation determines the estimated market value of a business entity. The analysis estimates the price that a rational buyer and a rational seller are likely to negotiate on an arm’s length basis for transferring economic interest in the subject business.

      We provide necessary skills in using valuation to guide business decisions as prerequisites for success in today’s competitive environment.

      Valuation is important to:
      - Assess major transactions like mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, etc.
      - Review and target the performance of business operations
      - Communicate with key stakeholders about the value of the business based on cash flows and cash flow-based
      - returns on investment, and meet regulatory requirements

      There are several methodologies that can be deployed in the valuation analysis. This requires the valuer to develop an in-depth understanding of the business drivers, future trends and potential options.

      Mindspring has successfully conducted several valuation analyses across several sectors. These valuations were used by clients as inputs in taking critical strategic decisions for their business.


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