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Case 2: Reputed Electrical Products Company

One of the first clients since the inception of Mindspring, this electrical products company built a well known brand in the 1990s and early 2000s. The company commands respect in the industry for its pioneering efforts in the low-tension switchgear industry.
Mindspring was associated with the company in a variety of ways, but chief among them being the following:

  • M&A Advisory: assisting the company on the sale of the switchgear business to an Indian engineering giant, including structuring of the transaction
  • Debt Rationalization: advising on the negotiations with lenders
  • Schemes of Arrangement: preparing BIFR schemes and Schemes of Arrangement for the High Court and supporting lawyers in the process

The M&A and debt transactions were highly complex due to its many facets; the stakes large; the timeframe prolonged due to multiple complications and regulatory processes. And needless to say, the outcome of the project was of paramount importance. Mindspring is proud to contribute tremendously in steering the various participants and processes in the final direction of success. In view of our stellar performance, the company continues to work with us in its new business/funding initiatives and system improvement aspects.



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