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Case 1: Leading Passenger Transport Company

Mindspring has been associated with India’s largest passenger transport company operating:

  • The largest radio taxi business in India,
  • Multi-city B2B transport solutions for the BPO, media, IT and other service industries, and
  • One of the most modern motor workshop facilities.

Our association goes back to 2006 and, since then, we have rendered a wide array of services:

  • Strategy: preparing initial strategy plan for the radio taxi business when the company decided to diversify their offerings
  • Private equity placement: raising private equity from a reputed Private Equity Fund
  • Debt Syndication: raising debt on an ongoing basis to finance their expansion plans
  • SOP Development: improving existing and developing new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at an organization wide level spanning both the radio taxi business as well as the B2B transport solutions business
  • Business Plan: preparing annual operating plan for their businesses
  • Financial Feasibility Plans: preparing financial plans to facilitate management assessment of new initiatives



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