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  • Business Planning
      A business plan helps identify the goals and objectives of a business and serves as a firm's resume. We offer our services to clients to build a well thought out, structured business plan that enables a business to successfully evaluate its progress with reference to its objectives. It also facilitates and directs the functioning of the business in all fields like marketing, promotion, finances, etc. Hence the organization can foresee any possible barriers it may face and formulate suitable solutions for the same.
  • Financial Feasibility
      A financial feasibility study is a very important tool for decision-makers in the analysis of whether or not to implement a particular project or program. We conduct feasibility study based on extensive research on both the current practices and the proposed project. Thus the feasibility study enables the organization to assess if the proposed project is feasible based on the review of expected benefits and estimated costs.
  • Corporate Restructuring
      Corporate restructuring is increasingly being viewed as a necessary process for corporate survival and growth in today’s turbulent economic environment. The prospect of regaining competitive advantage and maintaining it has persuaded organizations to restructure, aim at top quality and customer satisfaction, provide for greater employee involvement and satisfaction and reduce costs.

      Adaptability ensures survival of the fittest and restructuring is a tool to achieve this end. Corporate restructuring has enabled thousands of organizations around the world to efficiently deal with unforeseen circumstances and changing trends.

      We advise clients on identifying the best option for restructuring a company faced with a particular problem or challenge, using feasibility studies to measure the expected benefits arising from restructuring, managing the complicated accounting, tax and regulatory challenges and a host of other important activities that are necessary for the successful execution of the restructuring plan.

  • Organization Structure / SOP Development / MIS Development
      Change is inevitable and hence an organization must be ready to change according to changes in its external as well as internal environment. We offer organization restructuring by reviewing its processes, personnel and structure. Accordingly the issues requiring change are analyzed and new alternatives assessed in order to recommend a new organization structure. Common areas of service under this head include:

      - Designing organization and management structure

      - Formulating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and assisting in their implementation

      - Developing responsibility and communication matrix


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